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Twitter suspends account that helped ignite controversy over viral encounter

Twitter suspended an account that helped spread a video of the encounter between high school students wearing MAGA hats and a Native American elder.

Stressed out and at risk: Inside Uber's special investigations unit

The internal investigators tasked with keeping Uber safe were overworked, underpaid and at times emotionally traumatized as they struggled under the burden of nearly 1,200 cases every week, a confidential internal memo obtained by CNN says.

WhatsApp tightens limit on the number of people you can share messages with

The Facebook-owned messaging platform is imposing a stricter global limit on forwarding messages after a six-month experiment in India.

Netflix will regulate its content in India. It swears that's not a bad thing

Netflix is battling questions of censorship for the second time in three weeks this time in India.

Chinese drone maker DJI uncovers fraud that could cost it $150 million

DJI, the world's biggest producer of consumer drones, said an investigation found employees had "inflated the cost of parts and materials for certain products for personal financial gain."

Facebook will work with Germany to combat election interference, Sheryl Sandberg says

Facebook will partner with German officials ahead of the European Union elections in May to crack down on fake accounts and misinformation.

Technology is changing how we grow old and die

This is a story about how life could end for many of us: at home surrounded by high-tech sensors, voice assistants and automated pill dispensers. And there's a "companion" robot to ward off loneliness.

Amazon investors want it to quit selling facial-recognition tech to the government

Amazon shareholders are worried the facial-recognition software could be used to violate people's rights. They're calling for a vote on the issue at the company's next annual meeting.

Cleaning New York's filthy harbor with one billion oysters

The New York Harbor for years has been polluted and depleted of marine life. But one nonprofit is working to clean the murky water and revive its long-lost ecosystem one oyster at a time.

Microsoft is investing $500 million to tackle Seattle housing crisis

Microsoft, which is headquartered in the Seattle region, said it will partner with nonprofit groups to address "the affordable housing crisis." The money will go toward building new homes and preserving existing housing.

Facebook takes down anti-NATO pages linked to Russian news agency Sputnik

Facebook removed hundreds of pages on Thursday it said posed as independent news sites in eastern Europe and elsewhere but were actually run by employees at Russian state-owned news agency Sputnik.

SpaceX ditches plans to develop Mars spaceship at Los Angeles port

SpaceX has abandoned plans to open up shop at the Port of Los Angeles.

Snap exodus continues: CFO out after less than a year

Snap is losing another high-profile executive. Chief Financial Officer Tim Stone told Snap on Tuesday that he was leaving the company, just eight months after moving to Snap from Amazon.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei is an Apple fan and wants to live forever

A rare discussion with foreign media is shedding new light on the tech tycoon.

Huawei's founder praises Trump and denies claims his company spies for China

Huawei's reclusive founder has denied allegations that his telecoms company spies for the Chinese government.

How Alexa knows the difference between a breaking window and a wine glass

For Amazon, getting Alexa's new security-guard feature to work meant literally breaking a lot of windows.

Alibaba's 'City Brain' is slashing congestion in its hometown

Alibaba is using artificial intelligence to coordinate more than 1,000 road signals around Hangzhou with the aim of preventing or easing gridlock.

Huawei fires employee arrested in Poland on spying charges

A Huawei executive arrested in Poland on charges of spying for China has been fired by the Chinese tech company.

SpaceX to lay off 10% of its workers

SpaceX is laying off 10% of its 6,000-person workforce as it tackles two hugely expensive projects.

The gadgets of the future know everything wrong with you right now

The gadgets at CES 2019 don't just tell us about the future. They are a window into who we are right now and what we think is wrong with our lives.