About Us

About Us

Versatile Concepts meets today's business needs

The business world works differently today. Financial uncertainty makes it difficult to afford and retain top talent. Resource constraints impact customer expectations. Converging new and legacy technologies make integration a challenge. Increased competition forces solution providers to balance innovation while also tending to the near-term needs of its customers. Technology solution providers are forced to rethink how they operate; how they utilize resources; how they can stay competitive.

Versatile Concepts delivers Software Engineering, Web Development, e-Commerce and IT Consulting services strategically designed to meet these challenges. Our expertise of new and legacy technologies, multi-industry experience and highly collaborative approach to client engagement combine to deliver solutions focused on cost containment, business efficiency and optimized performance.

Company profile:

  • More than 25 years of providing technology consulting services specializing in innovation, optimization and organizational effectiveness.
  • Recognition as a “go-to” firm for short-term projects, as well as a trusted long-term strategic partner.
  • Versatile assessment, development and engagement methodologies designed to expedite deployment and time to market.
  • An intrinsic commitment to delivering the right solution, recognizing that one size does not fit all.