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A 22-year-old Harvard grad launched his own amateur esports company for adult gamers

Teens won millions of dollars in video game competitions in 2019, and they're set to do it again this year. Last year, the oldest finalist in the most competitive rounds of the "Fortnite" World Cup was only 24 years old, despite the World Cup being open to all ages online.

Microsoft hopes its technology will help Americans trust voting again

When voters in Fulton, Wisconsin, arrived to cast their ballots in a local election Tuesday, the voting process looked a little different.

How TikTok became a hitmaker for the music industry

During the 1980's, artist Matthew Wilder composed a song in about 30 minutes. That song, "Break My Stride," has been featured in films and commercials over the years and turned him into a one-hit wonder.

Facebook will pay you up to $5 to record your voice

Facebook will pay you for your voice, but don't expect to get wealthy.

The latest controversial trend in 'sharenting': Filming reactions to kids' report cards

A mother reaches into an envelope and pulls out her child's report card while her young son stands visibly anxious nearby. Report card season can be a nerve-wracking time for any student, but in this situation, the stakes are even higher: She reads out loud his teachers impressions, filming the process for her millions of YouTube subscribers.

A jetpack company just reached a major milestone in our quest to fly like Iron Man

We may be closer to seeing a real-life Iron Man suit than you think. The team at Jetman Dubai has built a jet-powered wingsuit, and they say they just reached a major milestone in our quest to fly.

Larry Tesler, creator of copy, cut and paste function, dies at 74

Larry Tesler, a pioneer of personal computing credited with creating the cut, copy and paste as well as the search and replace functions, has died. He was 74.

How fake faces are being weaponized online

As an activist, Nandini Jammi has become accustomed to getting harassed online, often by faceless social media accounts. But this time was different: a menacing tweet was sent her way from an account with a profile picture of a woman with blonde hair and a beaming smile.

Apple may soon let you choose Google Maps and Gmail as your default iPhone apps

Apple may be about to give its customers a lot more control over their iPhones and iPads.

Apple needs a 5G iPhone now more than ever

Whatever high Apple executives were on in January after the company posted record earnings and strong iPhone sales during the holiday quarter has likely faded. The tech giant is having a rough month.

Embattled WeWork revamps its C-Suite for turnaround effort

WeWork, the embattled coworking company, has made another new C-suite hire.

Mysterious '1' notification spooked Samsung Galaxy owners

A strange message with a "1" stacked on top of another "1" mysteriously popped up on Samsung Galaxy devices this week. It was all cleared up, but not before causing some confusion.

TikTok, every teenager's favorite app, just rolled out new parental controls

TikTok is giving parents more control over how their teens are using the app.

Europe unveils a new plan to compete with Silicon Valley

Europe knows it fell behind the United States and China on the technologies that dominated the past decade. Now it has a plan to catch up.

Who's responsible for what you buy on Amazon? A court is about to decide

When David Wilk, a lawyer in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, got a call from a woman looking to sue Amazon, little did he know it would become the most high-profile case of his career.

Flying cellphone towers: Drones could connect the world

Remote locations in Africa could get internet coverage from table-sized drones that are connected to a power source on the ground.

US judge rejects Huawei lawsuit challenging a ban on its products

A US judge has rejected a lawsuit filed by Chinese tech company Huawei challenging the constitutionality of a law that banned federal agencies from buying its products.

SpaceX teams up with space tourism agency to sell rides aboard its spacecraft

SpaceX has signed a deal with a space tourism company to organize a trip orbiting the Earth for a handful of adventurous travelers.