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Huawei's smartphone sales and 5G business stay strong despite US hostility

Huawei says business is still booming despite the US campaign against the Chinese tech company.

The biggest surprise of Google's Pixel event is a transcription app. Here's how it works

While Google's latest smartphone, the Pixel 4, got top billing at a major launch event in New York on Tuesday, the unveiling of an AI-enhanced recording and transcribing app was perhaps the biggest surprise of the day.

This video game company made one game for a decade. Now it's ready to make five more

"League of Legends" has brought in cash for Riot Games for nearly 10 years now. The developer announced it will bring "League" to mobile, console, and create a fighter, shooter and card game.

Google unveils the new Pixel 4 smartphone

Google launched a handful of new products, including the the Pixel 4, Pixel Buds and Pixelbook Go, at an event in New York City.

Self-driving scooters are coming to city sidewalks

Google has met few daring ideas it doesn't like. But three years ago, the idea of a self-driving bicycle was just too much. It mocked the concept of an autonomous bicycle in an April Fools' Day video. Why would anyone need a bike that rode itself?

Facebook's Libra faced yet another blow on the day of its first official meeting

Monday was supposed to be an exciting day for Libra. Its governance organization, the Libra Association, held an inaugural meeting to select members for its leadership team a critical milestone for the Facebook-developed cryptocurrency project.

Fortnite is back online with a new chapter after two-day hiatus

Fortnite came back online Tuesday after a two-day outage while its next iteration was prepped. Users went into a panic Sunday afternoon when the landscape in the game blew up, dragging players into a black hole.

WeWork shuts 2,300 office phone booths over health scare

WeWork has a new problem: It's taking 2,300 phone booths out of service at its rental offices in the United States and Canada because they may have elevated levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogen.

Drones, apps and smart lockers: The technology transforming healthcare in Africa

Access to medical care is not always easy in sub-Saharan Africa. But new technologies are helping to breakdown the barriers preventing medicines from reaching remote populations.

Android 10 beta rolls out to some Samsung Galaxy phones

Some Samsung Galaxy users can now upgrade to Android 10 for a handful of new software features.

Uber lays off 350 more workers in last wave of cuts

Uber laid off approximately 350 employees across several different teams on Monday, a spokesperson confirmed to CNN Business.

YouTube says fake video of Trump shooting media doesn't violate its rules

A fake video that depicts in extremely graphic fashion President Trump attacking and shooting his critics and media outlets does not violate YouTube's policies against content that incites violence because it is "purely fictional," the company told CNN Business Monday.

Fortnite leaves players staring at a black hole for hours ahead of Season 11 launch

A special event to mark the end the tenth season of Fortnite has plunged legions of players into a black hole.

Google's Pixel 4 phone launch: What to expect

For months, gadget blogs and even Google itself have teased so many photos and videos and details about the Pixel 4 that one prominent tech publication called it "the most-leaked phone ever."

Britain wants to take its first steps on the moon with a tiny robot that scurries with a spider-like creep. CNN's Lynda Kinkade explains.

Blizzard said it will return prize money to Hong Kong esports player

Blizzard said it will shorten Hong Kong esports player "Blitzchung"'s ban to six months and return the prize money to him. But it stands by its decision to penalize "Blitzchung" for shouting a Hong Kong protest slogan.

Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project in crisis as Visa, Mastercard pull out

Facebook is now facing an exodus of companies from its Libra cryptocurrency effort.

Boeing and Porsche team up to develop flying electric car

Boeing and Porsche, meet George Jetson. The US aircraft giant and German sports car maker announced Thursday they are teaming up to "explore the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace," through "a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle."

Apple CEO Tim Cook defends decision to remove an app used by Hong Kong protesters

In the latest struggle for an American company to navigate the tricky waters of doing business in China, Apple CEO Tim Cook defended his company's decision to pull a map app that Hong Kong protesters had used to track police.