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Apple warns not to keep its credit card by leather. Or denim. Or loose change.

The new Apple Card comes with a potential headache that will be familiar to iPhone users everywhere: It can get scuffed up a little too easily in the real world.

Russian humanoid robot named Fedor heads for the International Space Station

A Russian spacecraft vaulted into Earth's orbit this week with a lone passenger: A life-sized, artificially intelligent, humanoid robot by the name of Fedor.

Facebook staff had concerns about 'sketchy' Cambridge Analytica year before 2016 election

Internal emails released by Facebook on Friday show employees of the company expressed concerns about Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook user data as early as September 2015.

Google wants to squash political debates among its employees

Google is urging its employees to cut back on political debates at work in new community guidelines.

YouTube shuts down 210 channels posting about Hong Kong

Google announced Thursday that it had disabled 210 YouTube channels that were uploading videos "in a coordinated manner" about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

DoorDash details new tipping policy after backlash

DoorDash is finally detailing changes to its controversial tipping policy, one month after the company's CEO promised an update in response to a widespread backlash.

HP CEO steps down over 'family health matter'

HP CEO and president Dion Weisler is stepping down due to a "family health matter," the company announced on Thursday.

Facebook exec says the future of VR will be cheaper and increasingly wireless

A lot has changed in the nearly three-and-a-half years since the launch of Oculus Rift, the first high-end virtual reality headset for consumers. One thing that hasn't changed? You probably still don't own one.

Google ditches dessert names for Android 10

Google may be doing away with its dessert naming scheme after a long, delicious run.

Federal officials raise concerns about White House plan to police alleged social media censorship

Officials from the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission have expressed serious concerns about a draft Trump administration executive order seeking to regulate tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

For the fourth time, Facebook removes accounts linked to Myanmar's military

For the fourth time in less than a year, Facebook has removed dozens of accounts, pages and groups linked to the Myanmar military, saying they engaged in suspicious activity and used fake profiles.

Amazon just opened its biggest office building and it's not in the United States

Amazon just opened its biggest office building in the world in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

MoviePass confirms it may have exposed customer credit card numbers

MoviePass on Wednesday confirmed a security issue may have exposed customers' records.

Instagram debunks viral meme that it will soon use your photos against you

Sorry, Rob Lowe, Usher, Pink, and even Governor Rick Perry -- you've been duped.

How a hacked American nightclub Twitter account was implicated in China's information war

Twitter recently took down a covert network of nearly 1,000 accounts it says are tied to the Chinese government. Many, but not all, of the accounts attacked pro-Democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

Facebook finally rolls out privacy tool for your browsing history

More than a year after Mark Zuckerberg tried to defuse a privacy uproar by teasing a new tool to help users "clear" their history on the platform, it's finally rolling out -- but some may be disappointed by the limitations of the feature.

Social network Homeis thinks a safe space for immigrants online is possible

Homeis is a place for people born in foreign communities to find each other in their new home city for tips, dates, jobs and more.

Instagram got us hooked on likes. What happens when they're gone?

In a move to reduce some of the pressure people may feel about getting a lot of 'likes' on the platform, Instagram has been testing hiding them in a handful of countries, including Canada, Ireland and Australia. Here's what users think.